Getting the Most out of Your Slique Experience Kit
15 keys to Reforming Eating Patterns and Reshaping your Physique

Diets are generally not effective at all because you always gain the weight back. Marc Schreuder lost 52 lbs and has kept if off for a year. The Slique Experience is a lifestyle change, not a diet. In order for you to get the full benefit of using your Slique Experience kit, follow these simple keys, and watch the weight disappear.

1. Track what you eat. Write down everything, or use a photo journal. Read the labels and really KNOW what you are eating.

2. Recognize why you eat. Emotional eating and food addiction is a very real issue today. When obese people binge eat, the dopamine released is similar to the release for a drug addict using drugs. Our palates have been corrupted by the food industry.  Most processed foods are hyper-palatable, full of sugar, and other chemicals and additives. Food marketers will use our emotions to persuade us to consume these products. Take the emotion out of eating with YL STRESS AWAY, YL SLIQUE ESSENCE, or YL NINGXIA RED.

Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend3. Recognize sugar addiction and Eliminate sugar. Eliminate processed foods and fruit juices (they are heavy on sugars). Ketchup is 30% sugar. See these sugar pitfalls and eliminate them all together. Find out the sugar equivalents – 1 Rockstar drink = 6 Crispy Crème donuts; Sobe Green Tea = 4 slices of Sara Lee Cherry Pie. Think about these things before we consume them. Use SLIQUE GUM to help curb these sugar cravings. Add a drop of SLIQUE ESSENCE to your water, or directly from the bottle.

4. Get and stay motivated. What would motivate me to change my lifestyle? Is it enough that obesity is directly linked to cancer? Obesity is associated with increased insulin levels. Insulin causes cancer to grow. The more sugar and simple carbohydrates we consume, the more likely we are to be obese and feeding cancer cells. Most of us won’t change our lifestyles unless something happens. Eliminate the disease of Excusitis! Use MOTIVATION and EN-R-GEE daily, choose your path today.

5. Break old habits. Stop rewarding yourself with food. We train our children towards poor nutrition and reward them with sugar and other poor choices. Reset your body with a fast from poor nutrition. Create healthy rewards - a massage, a spa day (yes men too), a trip, a bubble bath, etc. TREAT yourself and find out what you enjoy, what's your love language? Use that as a motivator and reward system. Have a friend follow the instructions in a RAINDROP TECHNIQUE KIT or book a RAINDROP TECHNIQUE with a qualified practitioner.

6. Maximize retro-nasal aroma. Overeating processed foods without nutrients will leave you unsatisfied. You have to satisfy the brain, the gut, and the tongue. Start with the brain. Drink SLIQUE TEA 10-20 minutes before meals and be sure to inhale it and sip it. This helps reduce over-consumption, stimulates the brain, and starts to create the feelings of satiety.

7. Chewing smaller bites, Enjoy your food. The more you chew, the less you eat. Expose your brain to aromatic molecules that help satiate you. Eat warm foods, eat slowly, and savor your foods - don't gulp. Avoid ice cream as there is no aroma, it’s only sugar and contributes to nightmares in children. Our palates are corrupted by the food industry. Potatoes have no flavor so we add more calories.  Craving salty… use salt, leave the other calories behind. Studies have shown a 2% reduction in weight per month by adding aroma. Inhaling YL PEPPERMINT, YL TRANSFORMATION, YL BLACK PEPPER, or YL STRESS AWAY may reduce tendency to overeat.

8. Curb appetite by reducing stress. Stress leads to cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to stimulate food consumption. The University of Michigan has used YL FRANKINCENSE to lower stress as an alternative to YL STRESS AWAY blend.

9. Chocolate triggers satiety in the brain. Not just any chocolate. Look for 85% dark chocolate with stevia, no dairy or sugar. Drink a cup of SLIQUE TEA with Ecuadorian cacao.

YL Slique Tea Beverage10. Pre-Fill. Snack before meals. Cold water, apple slices (with YL CASSIA, or YL CINNAMON oil), SLIQUE TEA, WOLFBERRIES, or NINGXIA RED. Wolfberries and NingXia Red cause thermogenic activity. Eat wolfberries after your meal. SLIQUE SLIM CAPS taken with 10-12 ounces of water 45 minutes before your meal are specifically designed to help pre-fill your gut to gain physical and psychological satiety. 

11. Fats are your friends Many of us do not get the omega 3s yet our diet is loaded with omega 6s. Use a good quality coconut oil as a substitute for oils, butters, etc.  YL OMEGAGIZE 3 is three supplements in one. The pure sourced fish oil, vitamin D and CoQ10 work synergistically to support normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health. 

12. Recognize the pitfalls of sugar substitutes(pink, yellow, blue). Diet sodas will actually increase the waistline. The product has all the taste without the aroma, there is no satisfaction. They decrease kidney function in women. Sugar substitutes create hunger and the desire to eat. Puting Splenda in a spray bottle with water will kill ants. Choose YL BLUE AGAVE or YL STEVIA in your foods to sweeten them without the potential dangers.

13. Avoid dietary black holes. An onion has the highest amount of sugar out of all vegetables. Whole Wheat bread spikes blood sugar 20.4% higher than white sugar. Grains add fat, grass fed cows have less marbled fat then grain fed beef. SWAP greens for grains. Potatoes and French Fries spike the blood sugar 19.7% higher than whole wheat bread.  Eating these foods create feelings of hunger faster and increased hunger for a longer period of time. Choose healthy snacks like YL WOLFBERRY CRISPS, YL WOLFBERRIES with a handful of almonds.

 14. Join a Support Group If it doesn't taste good, don't eat it. Leave the pressure of fully finishing a meal behind, and talk with other people looking for support in their proper choices.  Network with other individuals, join a support group, or create your own Young Living Slique Support Team.

15. Be physically active Try new things, stay moving.  Walk when you are hungry. Use YL MULTIGREENS to increase your motivation and get moving.  Start with walking 20 minutes a day, and work up from there.

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