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Young Living has a very generous compensation plan with various ways to YL Bonuses. Sharing this opportunity will pay you back in consistent income when you put the effort behind it. The optimal way to both build your sustainable continuous flow of income is to follow the team performance bonus structure, shown below. 

EACH step is followed each month in order to receive your bonus.  You cannot skip a step, Step ONE must be filled before you qualify for Step TWO, and each step can be built simultaneously. 

Step ONE

  • Place your Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more.
  • Obtain 1,000PGV (Personal Group Volume).
  • Have your six front-line team each invest in an Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more.
  • Receive a $100 bonus EVERY MONTH that all parts are completed.




  Step TWO

  • Qualify and complete Step ONE (receiving your $100 Bonus).
  • Work with and help TWO of your front-line qualified team members receive their $100 Bonus
  • Receive a $500 bonus EVERY MONTH that all parts are completed.



  • Qualify and complete Step TWO (receiving your $500 Bonus).
  • Continue to work with the same TWO front-line qualified team members to achieve their $500 Bonus.
  • These TWO Members are working and helping TWO of their first level team to achieve the $100 Bonus.
  • Receive a $2,000 Bonus EVERY Month that all steps are complete.




  • REPEAT - you can do this over and over again.  There are no limits to how many structures you can build.
  • Once an entire structure is built, your second, and third structures can be built.  Team members who were counted in the first bonus structure do not count toward any additional bonus structures.
  • Second and third and beyond, bonus structures are able to take advantage of fewer personally sponsored team members in the $100 bonus level. 
  • SIX team members are required for the first $100 Bonus; FOUR more (TEN total) for the second; and TWO more personally sponsored qualified team members for each additional bonus structure beyond the first two.
  • This bonus is paid monthly and will be added to your regular commission check.

Stacey Betty

Young Living Independent Distributor
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Phone #: 519-635-6942

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